Interview with JT’s #wigsnatch Girl




Raise your hand if you didn’t know what “WIGSNATCH” meant until Justin Timberlake’s Twitter brouhaha a few weeks ago.  Me neither. Now of course, #WIGSNATCH is kind of a Grizzlies thing. It’s not as big as ALL HEART, GRIT GRIND, but it was quickly a t-shirt – thanks to the scenester, trendy folks over at SACHE. Last May, Kyle Veazey at the Commercial Appeal did a nice piece chronicling the creative-trendy energy surrounding the Grizzlies.


A few weeks ago, Emily Childers (above, far right with the pink Grizzlies headband) got a pair of floor seats to the Grizzlies – and showed up with her “MIND YA GRIZZNESS / #WIGSNATCH” t-shirt on. Also, face paint. Also, head band. She then realized JT himself was sitting 5 seats down from her and….SELFIE!


Of the moment, Childers says simply, “It was history.”


Not a bad night at the Grindhouse (a nickname so creative and perfectly descriptive that it long ago went nation-wide) for the 26 year old bartender and lifelong Memphian.


We caught up with Childers before the Grizz v. Spurs on Tuesday night to try to understand the origins of her Grizz passion:


BBJONES:  Alright, tell me about the JT picture – how it came about…

Childers:  Me and (my friend) were joking on the way over about ‘what if we saw Justin Timberlake?’ – and we had on his #wigsnatch t-shirts that day, so we were like ‘it would be perfect.’ So we get courtside tickets that day. Justin Timberlake ended up sitting 5 seats to the right of us. I immediately looked at Justin Timberlake – I grabbed my friend’s arm and I go ‘let’s go – we’re getting a picture.’ And it was awesome.  And he looks like he’s having a better time in our selfie picture than me and my friend actually are. And it ended up being one of the best selfie pictures ever. And he was really nice about it. It was really short and sweet. I said, ‘JT can we please take a picture’ and he said ‘sure’ and that was it. It was history.


BBJONES:  Did you think about saying anything else to him, was your mind rehearsing what to say next and how that was going to go?

Childers:  Absolutely not, I just wanted the picture. Because I didn’t want to waste his time because I knew I wasn’t the only one taking a picture with him. And this is his team and he wants the whole experience and I didn’t want to take up any of his time.


BBJONES:  How long have you been this into the Grizzlies?


Childers:  I’ve always enjoyed the Grizzlies but during College I was too broke to go to games and didn’t have time. Then all last year I worked 5 nights a week as a bartender and so this year i finally have the money and the time to spend money and go to games. And i’m a native Memphian why wouldn’t I like the Grizzlies?


BBJONES:  When was your first Grizzlies game?


Childers:   I was in high school with my dear friend Adrian- I wasn’t wearing any Grizz gear. I don’t think i knew what was going on when it comes to how the game was played. But i remember having a really good time.


BBJONES:  What is it that you like about Basketball?


Childers:  Looking at really tall creature-humans…and the hype that the audience brings…and it’s the only sport that I honestly understand. I understand it.


BBJONES:  Is there one Grizzly player in particular that is your favorite and why?


Childers:  Vince Carter cause he’s a badass.  He’s 37 years old and still plays like he’s 20.  And if you look at his highlights of games – he plays like nobody else does.  He takes risks, he has fun. He plays around with the players and the opposing players and he’s just a damn good guy. I also really like, um, watching his free throws because he’s really, um, he’s actually really tight. and he only has a 3 inch vertical – and i think that’s hysterical because he’s a baller.


BBJONES:  Explain what you mean when you say you like watching his free throws because he’s tight.


Childers:  Um, he…his stance, first off, he never lifts his feet of the ground in free throws – which is unusual.  And he has a really good free throw record. And just his mannerisms and his gestures free throwing is totally his own and he rocks it.


BBJONES:  You dress up for games, what’s that about?


Childers:  The Grizzlies are really special to me because I don’t like hype surrounded by like dressing up.  LIke Halloween and New Year’s – I don’t like any of that stuff. I never enjoy dressing up.  However, putting on your Grizz gear and the face paint and cheering on your team and screaming for them and people looking at me and saying she’s (pause) a damn good looking fan (laughter) is a super fun experience. I don’t enjoy dressing up for anything besides Grizzlies games. And I have 3 hats, a pair of gloves, 4 shirts, a vest, and a sweatband. And #1 glitter stickers and blue face paint.


BBJONES:  What is it about the games that you love so much?


Childers:  They’re just super fun. and it’s super fun to just go with people. It’s always a good time. You don’t even have to drink to have a good time. It’s just the crowd, the energy and just watching our boys do the thing on the court is just one of the funnest activities that there is to do in the city of Memphis. Hands down.


BBJONES:  You have standards on seats, don’t you?


Childers:  Absolutely. The farthest i’ll ever go, the shittiest seats I’ll ever get is Terrace row A – and they’re still really good seats.