Grizzleaneous Thoughts (Post Mavs 1/19)

The Grizz dropped the MLK game to the Mavs, 103-95. Here are some Grizzleaneous thoughts:

  • This game felt like an 8-point loss from the tip. The Mavs jumped out to a quick start, and the Grizz never got over the hump.
  • No huge problem – dropping a January game to a very good Mavs team – a team only .5 games behind the Grizz for 3rd in the Western Conference Standings.
  • It’s interesting to contemplate what a 7-game series would look like between these two teams. Clearly, there’s a contrast in styles as the Mavs get almost all of their scoring on the perimeter while the Grizz relentlessly pound the paint.
  • One would think the Grizz would be able to find a way to jam up the Mavs, particularly beyond the arc where Dallas connected 10 times.
  • That way (of slowing down the Mavs) would probably include using Tony Allen for more than the 17 minutes he logged today.
  • Obviously the Grizz coaching staff is going to have to figure out the wing minutes – because what they did today wasn’t very effective. Courtney Lee shooting 1-6 from long range in 31 minutes didn’t help.
  • It’s just gonna take some time to figure out where exactly they want to be using Green and how to keep Allen more plugged in than he was today.
  • The refs sorta sucked.
  • Several phantom calls against the Grizz – continuation calls (and one no call) went against the Grizz – and a blatant travel by Tyson Chandler missed. Nothing really went the other way (for the Grizz).
  • I’m not a big “refs sucked” guy, but this one really did seem uneven – though the bigger discrepancy was in outside shooting.
  • The FedExForum / Grizz video crew assisted the fans’ protests by replaying the bad calls and then training the camera on the officials so that the crowd could clearly direct their boos in their direction. Good on the film people. It was a nice touch.
  • Went to the game with my buddy, Biscuit Man, whose season tickets are adjacent to the visitors tunnel. The seats allowed for some really good people watching.
  • FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)Had a nice look at Mavs front man Mark Cuban (far left), who was nice enough to pose for some fan pictures and sign some autographs.
  • Cubes wasn’t complaining about the refs after this one, that’s for sure.
  • Had a nice look at Grizz VP John Hollinger (left), who calmly took in the 4th quarter action from the tunnel.
  • Maybe it’s his reputation coloring my perception, but Hollinger looked emotionless and as if he was calculating some mathematical theorem in his head as the key moments of the game played out.
  • Had a nice look at the Grizz girls.
  • Had a real nice look at the Grizz girls – props again to Biscuit Man for these seats.