The Pookie Powell Transfer Makes No Sense

Think about this.

You’re a college point guard. You’re not a one and done player, but rather you’re a 4-year type of guy with some talent – but a guy that needs to develop that talent at the College level if you have any hopes of a professional career.

You’ve already had to sit out one year due to academics. Then, as essentially a red-shirt Freshman, you got some playing time. Not a ton of playing time, but quality playing time (15 mins per game on average) and a chance to prove what you could do. It didn’t go that great – 4.3pts 2.7assists – but not awful.

Ok, fine. So now what?

Well, now you’re behind a Senior (Kedren Johnson).

Ok, no problem. You can be a back-up as a red-shirt sophomore and then essentially you’ll have 2 years to be the man.

You would have then have 2 years to run an offense which – by that time – you should be very, very familiar with.

2 years to prove you’re a great player.

2 years to impress pro-scouts – if you honestly have those aspirations.

Pookie Powell – on paper – has a very good situation at Memphis.

This is a weird transfer to me, for those reasons. It’s not as if Pookie Powell wasn’t getting the right opportunity at Memphis – at least in terms of his role.

It indicates one, or several, of a few things:

1. Pookie and his family lost confidence in the coaching staff.

2. The coaching staff lost confidence in Pookie.

3. College basketball is absolutely filthy.

4. All of the above.

Either way, this shouldn’t be spun as a positive for Memphis. The Tigers just lost a quality backup PG when their first line PG isn’t necessarily reliable. And good luck recruiting a replacement with a lame duck coach.

The Nick King transfer makes perfect sense to me. Differing philosophies on how he should be used. A glut of forwards on the roster. Playing time concerns.

The Pookie Powell transfer, on the other hand, makes no sense.

Not a great day for the Memphis program.