Is the Memphis Search Off The Rails?

There are several current rumors floating around about the Memphis job and none of them are good.

Let’s take them one at a time.

Rumor #1 – Memphis may name Darrell Dickey permanent Head Coach. Here’s the tweet from FootballScoop:

At first glance, this is not good. Dickey had a losing record in 6 of 9 years as head coach at North Texas. Sure, he built the program and won some games but generally speaking I’m not in favor of hiring coaches that have an established track record of losing football games.

At second glance there may be another side to this story, but I’m not in the mood for second glances at the moment.

Rumor #2 – The Barry Odom situation has completely fallen apart. Here’s the tweet from Tom Schad:

This also is not good. It appears that Memphis spent a lot of time wooing a guy that wasn’t ready to take the job. As I outlined in great detail this morning, that is a poor strategy.

Rumor #3 – Memphis could be considering a 55 year old Candadian Football Coach.

This is more speculation than rumor, but here’s a tweet from Dan Wolken:

He’s referring to Jeff Tedford, the former coach at California when Memphis Athletic Director Tom Bowen worked there. Apparently Tedford just quit his job in the Canadian Football League to pursue college jobs.

If true this is also not good. Jeff Tedford won a lot of games at Cal, but he flamed out after a few losing seasons and is approaching 60. He’s a west coast guy and has no connections to Memphis.

I’m not an ageist but the Memphis job requires a tremendous amount of energy.

Again, this is just wild speculation on my part with an assist from Wolken’s tweet. But just in case this is actually being considered I’d like to go on record now as saying this is a terrible idea.

Rumor #4 – Memphis isn’t actually utilizing a search firm. This is a mistake, but if true it explains why the 2 or 3 names being linked to Memphis are drastically unimaginative.

The formula for doing these things is pretty simple and Memphis should know it because they followed it last time. Go find a competent, energetic coordinator who is ready to make the jump. If that’s Odom, great. If it’s Riley, great. If not, keep looking but hire a guy like that.

But 55-60 year old recycled coaches that got fired at their last stops? Hard pass.

The bottom line is there hasn’t been a single rumor thrown out about this coaching search that would get anyone excited.

Maybe Bowen is working on something good. Maybe there’s about to be some good news. Right now, however, all the stuff leaking out ranges from weird to depressing.