Gary Parrish is Barely a Journalist

Used computer salesman, ‘Brooklyn’ Gary Parrish took another cheap shot at Memphis Basketball Wednesday night:

Never mind the fact that the tweet is likely bullshit, that it’s entirely possible Memphis backed off Matt Stanley or made it clear that his role would be limited.

Even if Stanley technically had an offer, the tweet is a cheap shot. Memphis has signed 5 or 6 recruits ranked higher than Stanley – so Parrish is deliberately creating a misleading narrative to rile up Memphis fans and entertain his national followers.

But never mind all that.

What was nice about this little episode is that we finally got confirmation that apparently Gary Parrish thinks his job consists of “looking for clicks.”

I learned this because as I was scrolling through the replies to Parrish’s latest chicken-shit “commentary” on Memphis basketball, I eventually found this beauty:

As of 10:08 pm, the above reply by Alex T. Wood, which claims that Parrish’s job is to “look for clicks,” had 1 like:  Gary Parrish himself.

That’s right folks, Gary Parrish thinks his job is to look for clicks.  

Social media interns look for clicks.

Sales and PR professionals look for clicks.

Porn producers look for clicks.

In other words, Gary Parrish is not necessarily a journalist.

According to Wikipedia, A journalist is a person who collects, writes, or distributes news or other current information. A journalist’s work is called journalism

I guess Gary Parrish is a journalist in the same way that anyone who can locate the RT button on Twitter is a journalist – but not so much beyond that.

Gary Parrish is a talk radio personality and a clickbait generator for CBS Sports.

It also wouldn’t surprise me if he’s been paid to help deliver recruits or get coaches jobs.  I can’t prove that of course – because I’m not a journalist. I write a blog.

Gary Parrish is good at his job, and seems like a decent guy, but he’s not (or is barely) a journalist.