Sad Times in Round Town: Thoughts on Josh Pastner & Grizz Drama

One of two things is true.


  1. Josh Pastner is guilty of an ongoing heinous sexual assault.
  2. Josh Pastner is guilty of letting absolute maniacs deep inside his Memphis program over the course of his final few years in the Bluff City.

But remember folks, Pastner left the program in great shape!

My money is on #2 above, by the way.

The statement from Pastner’s lawyer (courtesy of our good friend Gary Parrish) is pretty unequivocal:

Again, even if the accuser in this instance is completely lying, it only serves to confirm what we already knew about Pastner at Memphis: his ability to assemble a roster of highly ranked recruits was entirely undermined by his amazing ineptitude at running a successful program.

Let’s not forget the details:

But again, folks, remember – this was a GREAT situation Tubby Smith inherited.

No cultural problems at all.

Nothing to see here.

The fact that it isn’t fixed by year two is a travesty.

No Tyreke Trade

Speaking of nothing to see here, the NBA trade deadline came and went and Tyreke Evans is still a Memphis Grizzly.

Fans are understandably upset.

One of two things is true in this situation as well:

  1. The Grizzlies front office has no idea what they are doing.
  2. The Grizzlies front office has completely failed at communicating to their fan base what they are doing.

I suspect it’s the former, because #2 really shouldn’t be hard.

The Grizzlies are flailing – and the local fan base is getting restless.

Tough times in Round Town.