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Lionel Hollins, Grizzlies Story Has Happy Ending (Video)

Lionel Hollins returned to Memphis tonight – and everything was as it should be.

Hollins is in his element – trying to change the culture of the Brooklyn Nets franchise. His team (21-31) is struggling now, and the franchise is for sale – but here’s hoping he gets the opportunity to continue an overhaul in Brooklyn.

The Grizzlies have moved on nicely as well. Hollins’ former players are veterans now – and perhaps Dave Joerger’s more balanced style is a better for fit for what the franchise needs at this point in time.

All’s well that ends well.

To top it all off – the Grizzlies put together a touching tribute video to Hollins, which resulted in a great ovation for the former coach. It was a cool moment. If you missed it, here’s the video:

Dave Joerger: “We’re Lucky” (Post Suns 2/2)

Dave Joerger recognizes a gift when he sees it. After the Memphis Grizzlies escaped Phoenix Monday by a final score of 102-101, the head coach was blunt in his assessment (quotes courtesy of Fox Sports South):

“We’re lucky. You know we’re happy because we got out of here with a win in a game, where ya know – probably it should have gone the other way.”

You gotta respect that kind of self-awareness.

Joerger didn’t, however, fail to recognize that the Grizzlies did some stuff to make the luck happen:

When we were down late – 7, 8, we executed finally. Obviously Jeff (came) up with a big play.

Some other notes on the Grizz:

  • Memphis now moves to 36-12 on the season and sits a full 3 games ahead of Houston in 2nd place in the Western Conference. The Grizz are 2.5 games behind Golden State.
  • The win was Memphis’ 7th consecutive.
  • The Jeff Green trade seems to be working out doesn’t it?
  • Green didn’t have a great shooting night, but finished with 12 points and 7 rebounds – including the go-ahead 3-point play with 4.5 seconds remaining.
  • Zach Randolph – who has been on a tear of late – missed a double/double by 1 rebound. He finished with 19 and 9.
  • The Grizz continue their road trip on Wednesday night at Utah. 8pm.

14 Grizzleaneous Thoughts (12/31/14)

1. Packed house at FedExForum on a cold, nasty Tuesday night for the Spurs.  Very impressive.

2. Even though everyone always said that Memphis would support a winner – I’m not sure I ever actually believed that the Grizzlies could put a legit 17k + in the stands on a frozen Tuesday night in December.  Memphis is, in fact, supporting a winner.

3. The Grizz are absolutely winners – as they controlled this one against the defending champs from start to finish.  Spurs cut it to 5, but it never seemed in doubt.

4. Mike Conley was just outstanding – hard to imagine he’s not an all-star.

5. Seemed as if Spurs head man Greg Popovich decided about halfway through the 2nd quarter that it wasn’t the Spurs night – or maybe he was afraid of arguing with the officials and getting ejected. Either way, it was weird seeing him totally withdrawn from the game in the 2nd half. He never really got out of his chair in the 2nd half.

6. Don’t let anyone tell you there’s not a bad seat in FedExForum. There aren’t alot of bad seats, but as it turns out, in section 112A, the seats against the large wall that divides the section from the terrace level seats – those are bad seats (especially if your neighbor is plus sized). My friend and I had those seats for this game and were quite disappointed.

7. We tried the “find better seats” strategy – which is simple:  (a) We spotted a few completely empty rows in Section C5, then (b) waited until halfway through the second quarter when all late arrivals typically have shown up, (c) walked over to said rows, past the lady checking tickets, like we owned the place, (d) sat down in empty rows, and (e) declared victory.

8. Again, these rows in C5, 2 of them, with 16 seats each, were COMPLETELY empty with about 8 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter. That’s 32 empty seats.

9. After my friend and I sat in the seats for about 5 minutes, approximately 32 people (but maybe as many as 100,000), mostly children, showed up together to claim their seats and we were confronted awkwardly by the usher who sent us back to 112A – against the wall – with a reprimand.

10. This was reminiscent of a time that @FlashGordonNY and myself were flying standby on a red eye flight from Las Vegas to Memphis and about 5 minutes before the conclusion of boarding there were 50 open seats.  We thought we had made it on standby. With about 2 minutes to go – a metaphorical clown car of about 50 (but maybe as many as 100,000) people ran to the gate, claiming our (their) spots and stranding us without a seat.

11. Was good to see Jarnell Stokes get some PT against – though he didn’t try to do too much. Knowing the kind of guy he is, and watching his demeanor, it’s easy to envision him being a contributor one day.

12. The Grizz offense was moving quickly – and Joerger mentioned in the postgame that playing quicker in the halfcourt continues to be a point of emphasis.

13. He (Joerger) insists that the quickened pace will help the Grizz in the long run. He’s probably right. Either way, it’s an aesthetically pleasing brand of basketball the Grizzlies are playing these days.

14. The Grizzlies now have 2 days off before a 2 game trip out west @LAL, @Den.  Then they return home to face the Knicks. A much gentler stretch than what they’ve just been through.