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Lionel Hollins, Grizzlies Story Has Happy Ending (Video)

Lionel Hollins returned to Memphis tonight – and everything was as it should be.

Hollins is in his element – trying to change the culture of the Brooklyn Nets franchise. His team (21-31) is struggling now, and the franchise is for sale – but here’s hoping he gets the opportunity to continue an overhaul in Brooklyn.

The Grizzlies have moved on nicely as well. Hollins’ former players are veterans now – and perhaps Dave Joerger’s more balanced style is a better for fit for what the franchise needs at this point in time.

All’s well that ends well.

To top it all off – the Grizzlies put together a touching tribute video to Hollins, which resulted in a great ovation for the former coach. It was a cool moment. If you missed it, here’s the video:

Do Grizzlies Fans Really, Actually, Honestly, Believe?

The Memphis Grizzlies beat the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday night to run their record to 38-13, good for 2nd place in the Western Conference. With 31 regular season games left in the season, Memphis is on a trajectory for the best season in franchise history and is widely considered to be a legitimate contender for an NBA title.

The playoffs will be here before we know it.

So the question must be asked: Do Grizzlies fans actually believe?

I know we are willing to hold up a towel that says we believe.

But do we actually, honestly, truly believe the Grizzlies will win the NBA title?

Several years ago, the fine marketing team for the Grizzlies introduced the Believe Memphis campaign. It was a wild success. The slogan appeared on growl towels, which gave it national attention during a memorable playoff run. The combination of the slogan, the towels and, of course, a winning basketball team left an indelible image of the city and the franchise.

But the slogan itself, if we’re being honest, was somewhat premature, wasn’t it?

Because most people didn’t really believe. Most people didn’t really believe the Grizzlies would beat the Spurs, or the Cavs – if it got that far. Could they beat them? Sure. Would they? No, we didn’t really believe that. And they didn’t.

But this year? This year, it’s time to start believing. Like, actually, really believing.

And maybe it actually matters if we do.

What if believing actually made a difference? What if believing mattered?

Luna Grace Childs - Certified Life Coach, Professional Intuitive & Spiritual Mentor
Luna Grace Childs – Certified Life Coach, Professional Intuitive & Spiritual Mentor

Luna Grace Childs (left) is a spiritual mentor, professional intuitive, and energy specialist. She works out of Little Rock and Memphis as a certified life coach, Reiki master teacher, spiritual mentor, and meditation coach.

I talked to Luna because I wanted her professional opinion about the power of belief as it regards the Grizzlies, the city of Memphis and its fans.

I wanted to understand – from a professional intuitive’s perspective – what all this unseen, un-quantifiable “energy” surrounding the Grizzlies means, if anything, in terms of their actual results.

Here is what she had to say about all this Believe Memphis stuff:

As a professional intuitive, and energy specialist- does Believe Memphis have any actual power? Or, in other words, is the power of intention a real thing?

In the last decade, the power of intentionhas become a cultural buzz word. With the release of the book and film The Secret,by Australian Rhonda Byrne, everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Jim Carrey are talking about it. Honestly, though, theres nothing newor even secretabout it. For more than a century, success experts have advocated and encouraged the power of intention as the key to success.

The Science of Getting Rich written by Wallace D. Wattles and published in 1910 introduced the idea of using intention and creative visualization to attract wealth, overcome emotional barriers, and apply foolproof methods to bring financial success into your life.

Today, science, particularly quantum physics, is catching up with what ancient mystics have always known, that what is perceived as reality is a result of a projection of the mind. One such field of study is the Heisenberg Principal (or Uncertainty Principle) which proves that by simply observing something (thinking about it) you effect the outcome.

Before any of this though, spiritual teachers taught and demonstrated the power of intention. Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Christians, and Muslims all have scriptures supporting the power of intention. The Buddha taught, Experiences are preceded by mind, led by mind, and produced by mind.The Dhammapada

But keep in mind the law of attraction doesn’t only work to bring us good. Anything we give our energized thoughts to, and by energized we are specifically meaning emotionalized thoughts, thoughts mixed with strong emotions like excitement, love, fear, anxiety, these will super-charge thought energy and set the law of attraction in motion. A clear example of this can be seen in Job 3:25 when he said, “Because a dreadful thing I have dreaded, it has come upon me. And what I have been scared of comes to me.”

So it’s pretty clear that the Grizzlies players themselves could benefit from having actual belief in their own abilities, but that makes logical sense. In other words – the better they are at basketball (i.e. winning games) – the more they’re going to believe in themselves and that will have an effect. But that’s, again, very logical and kind of a chicken or egg question. But what about the fans? Does the collective belief or energy of a fan base really matter?

In a sense, we see this in arenas of every sport: A booing crowd or negative hometown newspaper can demoralize a team, whereas a supportive home crowd, may lift that teams confidence in itself, creating a home court advantage.” Though that’s somewhat tangible.

In spiritual or metaphysical circles, wed call it picking up on vibration,” “energy,or frequency.Its like when your spouse or teacher walks in the room and you can just feel theyve had a bad day – it can even rub off on you, and now youre anxious and on edge too. We spiritualists like to call that being an empath.

So the energy of a fan base – or a city – can work for good or for bad? 

Most of us have heard of mass hysteria – other names include collective hysteria, group hysteria, or collective obsessional behavior. In medicine the term is used to describe manifestation of the same or similar physical symptoms by more than one person when a group of people believe they are suffering from a similar disease or ailment.

Theres a similar phenomenon called collective effervescence, a sociological concept introduced by Émile Durkheim. According to Durkheim, a community or society may at times come together and simultaneously communicate the same thought and participate in the same action. Such an event then causes collective effervescence which excites individuals and serves to unify the group.

So, bottom line, as an intuitive and a native Memphian who is familiar with this city, its energy and the NBA team here – what do you see happening for the Grizzlies?

Well, Im no fortune teller, so I dont make predictions about the future. I do observe and attempt to operate within the spiritual laws that are common throughout faith traditions and cultures. For Memphis, what that means to me, is that theres a lot more to it than just setting intention to win and Believing Memphis.

There are two spiritual Laws that in my opinion and personal experience trump the Law of Attraction. These are the Laws of Reciprocity and Harmony. It is supported by the concept of The Secret which states that like attracts like, which means that the energy you put into the worldboth good and badis what you get back. But, thats not just thoughts, beliefs, and conscious intentions. Theres more to it than that: theres the underlying motives and our contribution to the greater good – are we aligned with the spiritual laws of Reciprocity and Harmony?

Explain reciprocity and harmony further – is it implying that somehow there’s a earned aspect to all of this?

Reciprocity is not a new idea, some call it karma, reaping what you sow, or getting what you give. Are we giving what we hope to receive? Are we doing unto othersas we would have them do unto us? The Grizzlies organization certainly make a contribution through their TEAM UP campaign, contributing millions to nonprofit organizations in the city of Memphis. Thats a good start. Now, how can we, as fans do well unto others? How may we contribute to the greater good?

And finally, at work is the Law of Harmony, the supreme ruler of the universe. Harmony sees to is that all things work in balance between opposing forces. It is the mediator of the idea that all is connected and all are one. Opposition to this law causes fear, mistrust, loneliness, aggression, and suffering.

In sports, this shows up not only as conflict between teams; but within the group, between the players, with the coaches and referees, and in the crowd. How many fans have witnessed fights in the stands? To some, this may be part of the excitement of the game-going experience. It cannot, and will not, however, spell victory for the team.

So the Clippers have absolutely no shot, right? The Clippers are awful people.

To work within the Law of Harmony, one must love thy neighbor as thyself.

So, in order for Believe Memphisto work, to really work, from a spiritual perspective, it will take more than billboards, towels, and t-shirts. It will have to be about more than the Grizzlieswin. It must be expanded to a vision and commitment to uplift the city, to cultivate a sense of community, to inspire younger generations to live their dreams – and to take action on these commitments.

Further, it will have to be a slogan that inspires and encourages harmony. Can we believe in Memphis enough to love the opposing team as we love the Grizzlies? Can we believe in Memphis enough to pray for their health and success as we pray for that of our beloved Grizzlies?

I believe that we can, and if we do, we will do more than win a title, we will transform the city in which we live and work. Which, by natural extension, will transform our homes, our jobs, our families, and our world.

 Sounds like a plan to me. Unless we play the Clippers.

If you want to contact Luna Grace Childs, here is a link to her website.

Forget Jeff Green, It’s Lionel Hollins Week for the Grizzlies

The Grizzlies beat the Suns Sunday in 2OT to snap a 2-game losing streak and move to 26-11 on the season. On Monday, they’ll welcome Jeff Green and Russ Smith to the team and then gear up for the final 4 games before the literal halfway point of the NBA season. The Memphis Grizzlies are legitimate NBA Title Contenders.

With the Green trade finalized and the team moving back to 15 games over .500, these are heady times for Grizzlies fans. But none of that qualifies as the most exciting part of the upcoming week.

The most exciting part of this week? A reunion with former Head Coach Lionel Hollins – who now coaches the Brooklyn Nets.

The Grizzlies play at Brooklyn on Wednesday.

Hollins had his new team solidly in playoff contention and playing .500 ball before a recent 5-game losing streak. The Nets, now in the 8th spot in the East, will be desperate to break their losing streak against the Grizzlies.

You gotta figure the NY media will ask Hollins about the Grizzlies, about the past, about the split. And you gotta figure Hollins will answer the questions. And you gotta figure his answer will be spontaneous, unfiltered, honest and probably hilarious.

Hollins, as you would expect, hasn’t stopped being a quote machine since moving north.

  • Last Thursday, Hollins called Brook Lopez “lazy” after he gave up on a play too early.
  • Hollins has been blunt in his assessment of his current team overall: “We are not a very good team.”
  • Hollins made waves when Prince William and Duchess Kate attended a Nets game earlier this year. Asked how he felt about their visit, Hollins made it clear he wasn’t impressed (from a FTW story, via Netsdaily):

“I don’t like answering those questions. What does it mean to me, or to any normal person? I wouldn’t be crazy even if the Pope came over…unless I was Catholic…. I mean, they’re just people that everybody sees on TV. Does that make them better people? They have more money than you, does that make them better people? It doesn’t make them better than you. I know a lot of people with money that I wouldn’t want to hang with…. They serve their purpose for their country, and they do what they do. If they came in and said they wanted to meet me, I’d be honored. But if they don’t, no sweat.”

That’s Lionel Hollins. He doesn’t GAF about the Prince of England and he doesn’t GAF about telling you that he doesn’t GAF. You really have to respect that. Let’s not rehash the stories about why Hollins fell out of favor with Grizz management and how all that stuff went down – Hollins will probably do that himself this week if someone bothers to ask him, which I’m sure they will. And whatever you think of it, it will be funny, and honest, and refreshing.

So let’s not re-litigate that conflict. Everyone has moved on anyway.

For now, let’s just admire a man who isn’t a corporate mouthpiece. Let’s admire a man who isn’t afraid to say whatever he wants, whenever he wants. And don’t misunderstand that. There are plenty of people in all walks of life who aren’t afraid to run their mouth – but who should be more discriminating because what they say isn’t true, or is hurtful, or hateful or otherwise ill conceived. What Hollins says is usually true, or merely his opinion, and it isn’t typically hurtful – and a lot of times it’s just funny as hell.

Hollins, as followers of the Grizzlies are well aware, is a throwback. Here’s a good piece done on Hollins by Johnette Howard of ESPN New York. In it, Hollins explains his methods, which are more about leadership and bringing about change than anger or politics:

“I am combative. I’m not afraid of conflict or confrontation. I am confrontational,” Hollins adds. “As a leader, you have to be. I mean, what do you get out of people if you just sit back and let them do what they want to do, without any confrontation? My feeling is there can be no change without confrontation. You go back through history, every change had some kind of conflict before there was change. Nobody is doing something different because they want to. It’s because somebody creates conflict that makes them.”

It was this brand of leadership and attitude that, in large part, made the current Grizzlies what they are. The players, the franchise, heck even the fan base – all have Hollins’ fingerprints on them. Before Hollins took over the Grizzlies in January of 2009, they had absolutely zero identity beyond that of a struggling, wayward franchise.

Sure, there are plenty of other people – players, management, etc – who have poured massive amounts of energy and effort into what the Grizzlies have become. But sometimes you get the feeling that Hollins burned so many bridges in Memphis that maybe he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. I suspect we’ll hear more about that this week, too.

But let’s try not to really worry about that. This week, let’s just admire Hollins’ style as Memphians continue to enjoy the product he helped develop.



What is the Jeff Green Trade Really About? Sibling Rivalry

It’s not official yet, but the Boston Celtics and Memphis Grizzlies have reportedly come to terms on the basic elements of a trade that will end up with the Grizzlies acquiring a dynamic scorer, 6’8 swingman Jeff Green. Details are still being worked out, but assuming everything goes through, Memphis – according to at least one neutral national NBA writer (Bill Simmons) – is now a favorite to win the NBA’s Western Conference:

Screenshot 2015-01-10 at 4.38.40 PM


It’s hard to fathom isn’t it? Memphis. Potential Western Conference Champions. Memphis. Potential NBA Finals participant. Memphis. Potential NBA Champion. It’s been talked about all year – or at least since the Grizz got out of the gates with a 21-5 record. But now with yet another significant piece added – and comments like Simmons’ – it really feels possible. It’s beginning to sink in. For the moment, the Grizz are legitimate contenders for the NBA title.

So clearly this is about trying to win the NBA Championship, as hard as that is for a Memphian to fathom. But it’s just as much about next summer – when Marc Gasol will become an unrestricted free agent. Perhaps the most valuable free agent on the market.

Gasol loves Memphis – and is saying the right things to assure Memphis fans:

“I’ve been already through one,” Gasol says of the summer of 2011, when as a restricted free agent he re-signed with the Grizzlies for $58 million over four years, “and I did not especially enjoy it. I don’t know how I’m going to feel in July. I really don’t. This is the next five years of my life and I’m going to go all in. Whatever team you play for, you’ve always got to feel like you represent that team, that you’ve got to play for it. Because that’s the way we grew up in Spain. You play for the city. You play for a way of doing things. It’s not about you. I do this for them. I play for the city, for the franchise or whatever. You’ve got to have that pride that comes with it.”

So maybe Gasol is just a real Memphian – and maybe he’s all in no matter what. Maybe it’s a moot point – maybe he’d re-sign here if the Grizz flopped and proved to be pretenders instead of contenders. The Grizz can’t afford to take that chance.

The Grizz brass have to know that Gasol wants rings. After all, his older brother Pau – has rings. Like Peyton and Eli Manning, and every other pair of siblings before them, you have to know that Marc has some kind of burning desire to match or out do his big brother. That’s just how it goes when brothers compete – in the same endeavor – playing the same position. Sure, Marc’s a great player in his own right – and arguably better than Pau – but Pau has rings. Marc has no rings.

The Grizzlies have to convince Marc Gasol that they’re be a real contender. Real contenders have dynamic, athletic scorers on the wing. The Grizzlies are on the precipice. They have to take their absolute best shot, right now. There might not be another shot. The whole thing could come apart. If Gasol leaves. That’s what bringing Green in is about – obviously. Saying – hey – we might win the whole freaking thing right now. This move is about adding another crucial piece to the 4 man core (Allen, Conley, Randolph, Gasol). Now, there’s a solid, no questions asked, starting 5. Now, the Grizzlies can make that run. Take their shot.

The Grizzlies are trying to go from plucky, upstart, grit grind, underdog – to real NBA contender. It appears with the Green trade they may have done just that.

Big brother beware.

14 Grizzleaneous Thoughts (12/31/14)

1. Packed house at FedExForum on a cold, nasty Tuesday night for the Spurs.  Very impressive.

2. Even though everyone always said that Memphis would support a winner – I’m not sure I ever actually believed that the Grizzlies could put a legit 17k + in the stands on a frozen Tuesday night in December.  Memphis is, in fact, supporting a winner.

3. The Grizz are absolutely winners – as they controlled this one against the defending champs from start to finish.  Spurs cut it to 5, but it never seemed in doubt.

4. Mike Conley was just outstanding – hard to imagine he’s not an all-star.

5. Seemed as if Spurs head man Greg Popovich decided about halfway through the 2nd quarter that it wasn’t the Spurs night – or maybe he was afraid of arguing with the officials and getting ejected. Either way, it was weird seeing him totally withdrawn from the game in the 2nd half. He never really got out of his chair in the 2nd half.

6. Don’t let anyone tell you there’s not a bad seat in FedExForum. There aren’t alot of bad seats, but as it turns out, in section 112A, the seats against the large wall that divides the section from the terrace level seats – those are bad seats (especially if your neighbor is plus sized). My friend and I had those seats for this game and were quite disappointed.

7. We tried the “find better seats” strategy – which is simple:  (a) We spotted a few completely empty rows in Section C5, then (b) waited until halfway through the second quarter when all late arrivals typically have shown up, (c) walked over to said rows, past the lady checking tickets, like we owned the place, (d) sat down in empty rows, and (e) declared victory.

8. Again, these rows in C5, 2 of them, with 16 seats each, were COMPLETELY empty with about 8 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter. That’s 32 empty seats.

9. After my friend and I sat in the seats for about 5 minutes, approximately 32 people (but maybe as many as 100,000), mostly children, showed up together to claim their seats and we were confronted awkwardly by the usher who sent us back to 112A – against the wall – with a reprimand.

10. This was reminiscent of a time that @FlashGordonNY and myself were flying standby on a red eye flight from Las Vegas to Memphis and about 5 minutes before the conclusion of boarding there were 50 open seats.  We thought we had made it on standby. With about 2 minutes to go – a metaphorical clown car of about 50 (but maybe as many as 100,000) people ran to the gate, claiming our (their) spots and stranding us without a seat.

11. Was good to see Jarnell Stokes get some PT against – though he didn’t try to do too much. Knowing the kind of guy he is, and watching his demeanor, it’s easy to envision him being a contributor one day.

12. The Grizz offense was moving quickly – and Joerger mentioned in the postgame that playing quicker in the halfcourt continues to be a point of emphasis.

13. He (Joerger) insists that the quickened pace will help the Grizz in the long run. He’s probably right. Either way, it’s an aesthetically pleasing brand of basketball the Grizzlies are playing these days.

14. The Grizzlies now have 2 days off before a 2 game trip out west @LAL, @Den.  Then they return home to face the Knicks. A much gentler stretch than what they’ve just been through.





Interview with JT’s #wigsnatch Girl




Raise your hand if you didn’t know what “WIGSNATCH” meant until Justin Timberlake’s Twitter brouhaha a few weeks ago.  Me neither. Now of course, #WIGSNATCH is kind of a Grizzlies thing. It’s not as big as ALL HEART, GRIT GRIND, but it was quickly a t-shirt – thanks to the scenester, trendy folks over at SACHE. Last May, Kyle Veazey at the Commercial Appeal did a nice piece chronicling the creative-trendy energy surrounding the Grizzlies.


A few weeks ago, Emily Childers (above, far right with the pink Grizzlies headband) got a pair of floor seats to the Grizzlies – and showed up with her “MIND YA GRIZZNESS / #WIGSNATCH” t-shirt on. Also, face paint. Also, head band. She then realized JT himself was sitting 5 seats down from her and….SELFIE!


Of the moment, Childers says simply, “It was history.”


Not a bad night at the Grindhouse (a nickname so creative and perfectly descriptive that it long ago went nation-wide) for the 26 year old bartender and lifelong Memphian.


We caught up with Childers before the Grizz v. Spurs on Tuesday night to try to understand the origins of her Grizz passion:


BBJONES:  Alright, tell me about the JT picture – how it came about…

Childers:  Me and (my friend) were joking on the way over about ‘what if we saw Justin Timberlake?’ – and we had on his #wigsnatch t-shirts that day, so we were like ‘it would be perfect.’ So we get courtside tickets that day. Justin Timberlake ended up sitting 5 seats to the right of us. I immediately looked at Justin Timberlake – I grabbed my friend’s arm and I go ‘let’s go – we’re getting a picture.’ And it was awesome.  And he looks like he’s having a better time in our selfie picture than me and my friend actually are. And it ended up being one of the best selfie pictures ever. And he was really nice about it. It was really short and sweet. I said, ‘JT can we please take a picture’ and he said ‘sure’ and that was it. It was history.


BBJONES:  Did you think about saying anything else to him, was your mind rehearsing what to say next and how that was going to go?

Childers:  Absolutely not, I just wanted the picture. Because I didn’t want to waste his time because I knew I wasn’t the only one taking a picture with him. And this is his team and he wants the whole experience and I didn’t want to take up any of his time.


BBJONES:  How long have you been this into the Grizzlies?


Childers:  I’ve always enjoyed the Grizzlies but during College I was too broke to go to games and didn’t have time. Then all last year I worked 5 nights a week as a bartender and so this year i finally have the money and the time to spend money and go to games. And i’m a native Memphian why wouldn’t I like the Grizzlies?


BBJONES:  When was your first Grizzlies game?


Childers:   I was in high school with my dear friend Adrian- I wasn’t wearing any Grizz gear. I don’t think i knew what was going on when it comes to how the game was played. But i remember having a really good time.


BBJONES:  What is it that you like about Basketball?


Childers:  Looking at really tall creature-humans…and the hype that the audience brings…and it’s the only sport that I honestly understand. I understand it.


BBJONES:  Is there one Grizzly player in particular that is your favorite and why?


Childers:  Vince Carter cause he’s a badass.  He’s 37 years old and still plays like he’s 20.  And if you look at his highlights of games – he plays like nobody else does.  He takes risks, he has fun. He plays around with the players and the opposing players and he’s just a damn good guy. I also really like, um, watching his free throws because he’s really, um, he’s actually really tight. and he only has a 3 inch vertical – and i think that’s hysterical because he’s a baller.


BBJONES:  Explain what you mean when you say you like watching his free throws because he’s tight.


Childers:  Um, he…his stance, first off, he never lifts his feet of the ground in free throws – which is unusual.  And he has a really good free throw record. And just his mannerisms and his gestures free throwing is totally his own and he rocks it.


BBJONES:  You dress up for games, what’s that about?


Childers:  The Grizzlies are really special to me because I don’t like hype surrounded by like dressing up.  LIke Halloween and New Year’s – I don’t like any of that stuff. I never enjoy dressing up.  However, putting on your Grizz gear and the face paint and cheering on your team and screaming for them and people looking at me and saying she’s (pause) a damn good looking fan (laughter) is a super fun experience. I don’t enjoy dressing up for anything besides Grizzlies games. And I have 3 hats, a pair of gloves, 4 shirts, a vest, and a sweatband. And #1 glitter stickers and blue face paint.


BBJONES:  What is it about the games that you love so much?


Childers:  They’re just super fun. and it’s super fun to just go with people. It’s always a good time. You don’t even have to drink to have a good time. It’s just the crowd, the energy and just watching our boys do the thing on the court is just one of the funnest activities that there is to do in the city of Memphis. Hands down.


BBJONES:  You have standards on seats, don’t you?


Childers:  Absolutely. The farthest i’ll ever go, the shittiest seats I’ll ever get is Terrace row A – and they’re still really good seats.

29 Grizzleaneous Thoughts (12/27/14)

Went to Grizz / Rockets tonight with @FlashGordonNY and @barsandkaps. Here are 29 observations / reflections about the experience:


  1. Grizz lost their 4th in a row, but – maybe because Zbo was out, or maybe because they’re still a very respectable 21-8 – it didn’t feel like a tragedy.
  2. Except to the grown man behind us in the jersey.  Definitely felt like a tragedy to him.
  3. The next 2 are @ Heat (tomorrow) and back at home vs. Spurs (Tuesday) – so there’s a real possibility the streak could get to 6.
  4. Still wouldn’t feel like a tragedy IMO. That’s the benefit of an 82 game season.
  5. Using “In the face” as a cheer / insult at an NBA game just feels right every time.
  6. Incredible overall atmosphere at FedExForum. The Grizz staff does such a good job with game presentation.
  7. Grizz games just feel so Memphis now, for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which is the Grizz Grannies – who crushed it Friday night.
  8. Hard to imagine that an NBA arena can be any louder than FedExForum after the 2nd of Vince Carter’s late 3’s.
  9. Will “The Final Countdown” by Europe ever get old?
  10. No.
  11. Does “Welcome to the Jungle” make me want to wrestle my friends?
  12. Yes.
  13. Love watching Vince Carter play basketball.  He will be 38 in January – which makes him 5 months older than me.
  14. I played an hour of pickup basketball on Friday, and have been bitching about a jammed thumb ever since.
  15. It really hurts when I put weight on it.
  16. Carter, on the other hand, runs around with the best athletes in the world – most of whom are more than a decade younger than him – and still plays at a very high level.
  17. Can’t go to a Grizz game without remembering how much I love Chris Wallace.
  18. I have a theory that the Grizz are going to win the NBA title just because Chris Wallace exists as a human being.
  19. The halftime show, Duo Design, was impressively creepy.
  20. These dudes (Duo Design) show up with head to toe gold body paint and no clothes – except a pair of tiny gold panties (each).
  21. Their junk is on full display as they proceed to do about 10 minutes of yoga on top of each other.
  22. There’s probably a better way to describe what they do than ‘yoga on top of each other’ but maybe not.
  23. Was fun sitting behind the Rockets bench and watching Rockets Head Coach Kevin McHale in action. I was first introduced to NBA basketball by my Grandfather in the mid 80’s – watching McHale’s Celtics play the Lakers in the finals. Dude is now 57, and let’s just say he doesn’t get around like he used to.
  24. In 1986-87 McHale averaged 26 & 9. His post moves were so deadly, McHale referred to them as his ‘torture chamber.’  In 2014, it looks like McHale is in a torture chamber when he has to walk 10 feet from the coaching huddle back to the regular huddle.
  25. McHale’s Wiki Page lists 3 notes for personal life.  (1) His wife. (2) His kids. (3) His 2 episodes appearing as himself on Cheers in Seasons 9 & 10.
  26. One of McHale’s Cheers episodes was titled, “Cheers Fouls Out,” the other, “Where Have All The Floorboards Gone?”
  27. @barsandkaps loves those episodes.
  28. For a guy who claims to be all about Memphis, was sort of surprised that @FlashGordonNY had never heard of the Bayou.
  29. Zydeco wings at Bayou did not disappoint. They never do.

Confessions of a Bandwagon Grizzlies Fan

Dear Grizzlies Franchise:


I need to come clean about some things.  I feel like our relationship has some definite potential right now, and accordingly I’d like to clear the air about some of the events that have transpired in the past. Before I get into all that, let me just say that (a) I watch or attend almost every playoff game, (b) I absolutely love Chris Wallace, and (c) I have a man crush on MIke Conley.


Nevertheless, I can’t escape the lurking notion that I’m a fraud – and the pressure and weight of some secrets has become difficult to tolerate. I feel in some ways the past has kept us stuck and so I’m hoping that after you read this, we’ll be able to move forward with a clean slate. See, the thing is, I’m kind of a bandwagon fan.  There, I said it.  Whew.  That felt good.  Wow, I really do feel better just owning it. Amazing.  I have a few more things to say – just in the way of explanation.  So here goes:


    1. I don’t watch every game.  Actually, I don’t watch most of the games,  and I flip around sometimes when I am watching.  LIke take today, for example.  I really did want to watch the Grizz – Cavs game.  After all, Lebron James vs. the Grizzlies is pretty epic.   But what happened was the Cowboys were on at the same time, and ya’ll were getting beat, and ya know….  I just flipped around some.  I feel terrible.  This actually happens a lot, especially if football or college basketball are on.  I want to want to watch all of every game.  I do love you guys a lot, but I mean….ya know…it’s just hard.  I’ll try to do better I promise.
    2. I gave up on Sidney Lowe almost immediately. I should have told you this a long time ago, because it’s been a while. This is really where our relationship first began to falter. I couldn’t even believe I gave up that quickly. Growing up in Memphis, I had longed for pro sports forever but I just wasn’t prepared for all that losing.  I was very much into you at first: I went to the first pre-season game, I watched the draft. I bought gear. I was genuinely pumped.  But the thing is, ya’ll really sucked – and the season was long – and it was so clear you weren’t going to be any good for a long time.  I went to some games and all, but I have to admit I stopped watching. In retrospect I can see that I was ashamed of myself for quitting. My disappointment in myself kept me away for a while. Please don’t be mad at me – I totally got behind Hubie Brown, who was freaking awesome by the way.
    3. I skipped the Marc Iavaroni era entirely.   According to Wikipedia, Iavaroni coached the team from 2007-2009. I missed that one completely. Please understand that during this time the Memphis Tigers were on the greatest run in program history and I lived outside of Memphis. That being said, I can’t sugarcoat this one – I was so checked out during this time period that ya’ll could have moved back to Vancouver and I might not have cared. Our relationship was really bad at this point and it was very much my fault.  But well, maybe not totally my fault – I mean,  I’m not trying to drag up the past but ya’ll did trade Kevin Love for OJ Mayo on draft night and draft Hasheem Thabeet and Donte Green. Sooooo let’s just say there was mutual fault in this situation and forget it.
    4. Because of my loyalty to the Memphis Tigers, I have resented you at times. I realize this is totally unreasonable and that on balance you’ve done way more to help the Memphis Tigers and move them forward than to hurt them in any way. But you have to understand something about timing. Shortly after you got here, my beloved Tigers were relegated to a version of Conference USA that was stripped of all their then-traditional rivals (Louisville, Cincinnati, Marquette). John Calipari had yet to really get the program rolling, and even after he did there was always the fear that he would leave and the program would slip. So out of fear and envy I resented your fancy marketing materials and your slick game presentations and your corporate resources and your permanent signage at FedExForum. You may or may not know this, but as a Memphis Tiger fan, I come pre-programmed with an inferiority complex – so playing 2nd fiddle to an NBA team just isn’t easy. That being said, I think most Memphis Tiger fans have come fully around to embrace your presence and just sort of blindly choose to believe it’s going to work out well for both of us whether there’s any empirical evidence to back that up or not.
    5. I don’t like some of your fans. I grew up in Memphis before it was a pro-town. I grew up in Memphis before there was a “cool” team to like and all sorts of “cool” ways to show how “cool” you are because you like them. The town was more fragmented because the allegiances ran to various college teams. So I’m just not used to all this brotherhood, camaraderie and catch phrase mania. As a result, it feels kind of fake and trendy to me….at best it’s foreign. While I certainly get that people are genuinely excited about all the success you’ve had, as I am – I could really do without the 20 year old floozies tweeting #wigsnatch and #gritgrind and talking about how much they love the Grizzlies because Marc is cute.  (Though I have to admit he’s a very good looking man.) I can’t escape the feeling that if you asked the same “fans” what a pick and roll is they’d probably tell you it’s a menu item at one of the trendy new restaurants in Overton Square.


There may be some other things that I remember in time – but these are the big ones. Feels good to come clean, really does.  Please know that I’ve been there from the beginning.  I went to an open practice in 2001 at the Pyramid and remember finding it surreal that one of my favorite former Orlando Magic players, Nick Anderson, was wearing a Memphis jersey (you didn’t think I remembered did you?).  I was stoked when Jerry West was hired, even watched the press conference on live TV.   I attended the press conference when you revealed the current uniform and logo.  I once trespassed into FedExForum while it was still being built on New Year’s eve 2004 to check out the progress of construction.   I’d like to think my Grizz fan resume is pretty decent.

In conclusion, please forgive my weakness and disloyalty- and let’s move forward together in a renewed spirit of partnership.