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Grizz TCB vs. Jazz – ZBo Hits Amazing Shot (vine)


  • The Grizzlies took care of business against Utah Wednesday night – beating the Jazz by a count of 100-90.
  • Memphis held the inferior Jazz at a safe distance most of the night. Though Utah stayed within shouting distance, the outcome of this one never felt in doubt.
  • Memphis matched the longest win-streak in franchise history (8), and pushed their overall record to 37-12.
  • The Grizz look to extend their streak to the longest in franchise history Friday night at Minnesota.
  • I don’t know about you, but BBALLJONES believes in this team’s capacity to keep winning at the current rate. The Grizz have the look of an elite unit. If they can stay healthy, the next 3-4 months could be a very wild ride in the city of Memphis.
  • Marc Gasol led the Grizz with 23 Pts, 6 Reb, 4 Ast, 1 Blk.
  • ZBo had 18 and 11 – and this amazing shot…..


Grizzlies Opponents Admire Defense, Rebounding & Chemistry

The Memphis Grizzlies finished off a 2-0 road trip last night winning at Orlando 106-96. On Wednesday, the Grizzlies defeated Brooklyn and former coach Lionel Hollins. Memphis now gets 5 consecutive games at FedExForum – a great opportunity to stockpile some more wins heading to the halfway point of the season. The Grizzlies are currently 28-11 and within 4 games of the #1 seed, but also within 4 games of the #7 seed. The West is a grind – but Memphis is well positioned.

Understanding the Grizzlies from the point of view of their opponents is a good way to comprehend exactly why the Grizzlies are such a tough out right now, especially when fully healthy – and the answer isn’t groundbreaking. According to Nets and Magic players and coaches – the Grizzlies are NBA Championship contenders at the moment for 3 primary reasons: (1) Chemistry, (2) Defense, and (3) Rebounding. Here’s a quick summary of what the Grizzlies’ opponents had to say after facing them this week.

Quotes courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel and New York Post.

1. Experience and Chemistry:

Hollins on the fact that the Grizzlies have grown up together:

“Those guys were puppies, and now they’re men.”

“The nucleus has been there for a long time with Zach, Marc, Mike and Tony. Those guys have been there from the get and they are a big part of winning and as long as they are together they are going to have a winning [group].”

Orlando Magic Coach Jacque Vaughn on the Grizzlies experience:

“But you give those guys credit. They’ve been doing it together for a long time.”

2. Defense and Rebounding:

Hollins on what makes the Grizzlies so good:

“That’s what they do, they’ve got two big guys. … Zach had 20 points, Marc had 18 and most of them were in the paint for both of them. That’s their game. They’re a very good defensive team, they’re a very good rebounding team, and that’s why they’re one of the best teams in the league.”

Victor Oladipo’s take on the Grizzlies:

“It seemed like every option we had, they kind of took it away. We just had to play off instincts, really, and just go out there and figure out a way to score. But they’re a great defensive team, a great overall team. They’ve got great players over there, great defensive players over there.

Adding Jeff Green is going to help the team offensively – as will getting Mike Conley back healthy and everyone clicking together. But the key to this team has been and continues to be defense, rebounding and chemistry.



What is the Jeff Green Trade Really About? Sibling Rivalry

It’s not official yet, but the Boston Celtics and Memphis Grizzlies have reportedly come to terms on the basic elements of a trade that will end up with the Grizzlies acquiring a dynamic scorer, 6’8 swingman Jeff Green. Details are still being worked out, but assuming everything goes through, Memphis – according to at least one neutral national NBA writer (Bill Simmons) – is now a favorite to win the NBA’s Western Conference:

Screenshot 2015-01-10 at 4.38.40 PM


It’s hard to fathom isn’t it? Memphis. Potential Western Conference Champions. Memphis. Potential NBA Finals participant. Memphis. Potential NBA Champion. It’s been talked about all year – or at least since the Grizz got out of the gates with a 21-5 record. But now with yet another significant piece added – and comments like Simmons’ – it really feels possible. It’s beginning to sink in. For the moment, the Grizz are legitimate contenders for the NBA title.

So clearly this is about trying to win the NBA Championship, as hard as that is for a Memphian to fathom. But it’s just as much about next summer – when Marc Gasol will become an unrestricted free agent. Perhaps the most valuable free agent on the market.

Gasol loves Memphis – and is saying the right things to assure Memphis fans:

“I’ve been already through one,” Gasol says of the summer of 2011, when as a restricted free agent he re-signed with the Grizzlies for $58 million over four years, “and I did not especially enjoy it. I don’t know how I’m going to feel in July. I really don’t. This is the next five years of my life and I’m going to go all in. Whatever team you play for, you’ve always got to feel like you represent that team, that you’ve got to play for it. Because that’s the way we grew up in Spain. You play for the city. You play for a way of doing things. It’s not about you. I do this for them. I play for the city, for the franchise or whatever. You’ve got to have that pride that comes with it.”

So maybe Gasol is just a real Memphian – and maybe he’s all in no matter what. Maybe it’s a moot point – maybe he’d re-sign here if the Grizz flopped and proved to be pretenders instead of contenders. The Grizz can’t afford to take that chance.

The Grizz brass have to know that Gasol wants rings. After all, his older brother Pau – has rings. Like Peyton and Eli Manning, and every other pair of siblings before them, you have to know that Marc has some kind of burning desire to match or out do his big brother. That’s just how it goes when brothers compete – in the same endeavor – playing the same position. Sure, Marc’s a great player in his own right – and arguably better than Pau – but Pau has rings. Marc has no rings.

The Grizzlies have to convince Marc Gasol that they’re be a real contender. Real contenders have dynamic, athletic scorers on the wing. The Grizzlies are on the precipice. They have to take their absolute best shot, right now. There might not be another shot. The whole thing could come apart. If Gasol leaves. That’s what bringing Green in is about – obviously. Saying – hey – we might win the whole freaking thing right now. This move is about adding another crucial piece to the 4 man core (Allen, Conley, Randolph, Gasol). Now, there’s a solid, no questions asked, starting 5. Now, the Grizzlies can make that run. Take their shot.

The Grizzlies are trying to go from plucky, upstart, grit grind, underdog – to real NBA contender. It appears with the Green trade they may have done just that.

Big brother beware.